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 AM General-Hummer Transfer Cases

There are several options available when you need to repair or replace a Transfer Case: Remanufactured, Rebuilt, or even Used. Go with the superior option, a Transmissions Express Remanufactured Transfer Case. Remanufactured transfer cases for H1, H2, H3 and H1 HMMWV Military vehicles.

1998-99 32 spline input, 32 near slip output w/oil cooler,  242AMG PT315-4 $1,196 $949 $300
mechanical speedo hole
1995-97 32 front input spline, 32 near slip output w/oil cooler, 242AMG PT315-3 $1,196 $949 $300
electronic speedo
2003-07 (electric shift) 27 spline front input, rear slip output BW4484 PT315-5 $1,153 $914 $300
female spline front output, full-time two speed
2006-07 27 spline input, 32 rear slip circular front output yoke, BW4494 PT315-6 $1,153 $914 $300
2-speed high ratio, (NR6)
2006-07 27 spline input, 32 rear slip circular front output yoke, BW4493 PT315-7 $1,153 $914 $300
2-speed high ratio, (NR4)
HUMMER (Military H1)
1997-99 32 spline input, 27 rear slip, mechanical speedo hole; NV242AMG PT315-8 $1,196 $949 $300
indicator switch in rear brg support only w/o
1996         . 32 spline input, front and rear fixed yokes, w/o shift 218AMG PT205-2 $1,269 $1,006 $300
indicator hole, w/o viscous coupling, w/oil cooler




Here's What Our Customers are Saying!

"We were driving down I-5 near the Grapevine on our way to catch a cruise ship when our Acura's transmission blew. We had the car  towed to an L.A. area shop, where we were quoted almost $4,000 to repair it. We called Transmissions Express and they were able to ship a transmission to another area shop the next day, and our car was ready for pickup a few days later, saving thousands! Thanks Again!

James N.

Jackson, CA"